So, you are thinking of building a log cabin home? Congratulations! You can ask any of our Timber Block log cabin home owners – and all of them will tell you it was the best decision they ever made.

Why? Because log cabin home lovers are special. A log cabin home lover has dreamed about living in the gorgeous, warm and overall wonderful feeling of living in a home made of logs.


Here are 8 simple steps that will get you started on building the log cabin home of your dreams.

1. Talk to us. It’s that simple. Call or visit one of our log cabin home pros, and we can go over the entire log cabin home building process. How long it will take, help with things like finding land, and financing, finding a builder, to the overall details.

2. Meet with one of our Timber Block log cabin home designer. All you need is a $3,000 deposit (to go towards the cost of your log cabin home), and your designer will start on your log cabin home plan. (Whether it’s based on one of our stock plans, a tad customized, or completely customized, your drawings will be started!)


3. Once your plan is finalized, it’s likely at this point, you will have to find land. (If you haven’t already) There’s a good chance you already have an idea where you want to live, and your landscape (water, trees, mountains, etc.)

4. Find a builder. Another thing we can help you with. Timber Block Log Cabin Homes has plenty of reputable builders coast to coast.

5. Get your home in production. This is where you will put down more toward the cost of your log cabin home. (Call us to discuss the estimate on this).

6. Talk with your builder on things like what needs to be done, landscape wise, hooking up things like sewer and water, digging foundation, codes, size, driveway length, permits and more.

7. Watch the walls of your log cabin home go up! (This is the easiest part: It takes less than a day!)


8. The finishing touches, including the dry-in of your home, interior design, and MOVE IN!


Get started today on your first step to building your dream log cabin home! Call us at 866-929-5647 or email

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