Many Timber Block customers walk through our doors, sit with our team of architects, and say….”I have always dreamed about a log home, but I want to make it look more ‘modern’.”

Is this possible to do when building with logs? YES! Timber Block’s building system process makes it completely possible. You’ll see in the photos in this post, it’s easy to “modernize” your log home! You can add some drywall, or create an original design, or it could be completely in the furnishings, accessories, or stain/paint colors!

This is another Timber Block advantage. When building a traditional log home, it’s more difficult to update your log home into something a little more modern.

Many log home lovers do want to “change it up a bit”. Here are some posts we’ve received on Facebook on the topic:

“I like the idea of the classic but throw in a tiny flare of modern here and there.”

“I love the feeling of wood, but the feeling of ‘new’ and in style too!”

“I want my home to have the right mix of log and drywall – with some different paint and stain colors – it will make it my own!”

Timber Block’s logs are insulated, sanded, stained, stacked and bonded in our factory. The walls are prepared and delivered to the building site, the day, or day before the build (protecting your logs greatly from the elements of weather). Once your walls are raised, and the home is dried-in, all the interior work is completed the same way any stick built construction would be. This allows you to complete the inside of your home any way you want. This is your chance to have the best of both worlds – the beauty and warmth of wood, with a little kick of modern day style!

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