Victoria and Michael Boomgarden dreamed about building a cabin for years. The couple spent hours and hours looking through log home magazines, thinking about the day they could turn their dream into a reality.

Michael talks about his love of log cabins…even going back to his childhood memories of Davy Crockett, and his all time favorite Ben Cartwright (Bonanza). When he would think about a log home or log cabin, these memories would come back to life.

Victoria shared Michael’s love and passion for log homes, which certainly made it easier! But – building any new home, and especially a log home – is not a simple project. There are many things to think about and plan for, and the Boomgardens realized it.

So, the couple began their research – over the internet, reading books and magazines, and attending log home shows. However, the Boomgardens started having doubts, realizing a log home is high maintenance, and keeping up a log home would cost, and cost a lot – not just money, but time too!

They worried about heating and cooling the home too – and the high energy costs associated with traditional log homes.

Doubts and concerns aside, they had decided to push forward and find land. They eventually found the perfect location – by friends and family, a gorgeous spot in Wisconsin. The couple purchased their land, and started off their project by building a “barn”.

Michael and Victoria Boomgarden continued their extensive research, learning everything they needed to know about the building process of a log home, the construction of the home, the maintenance involved, insulation, energy efficiency, cost and more.

They saw Timber Block for the first time at a Log Home show. Loving the beauty of Timber Block Insulated Log Homes, they were concerned the price would be higher than they could afford – as the entire Timber Block system was very premium and revolutionary.

Now the Boomgardens began to do their comparison at this particular home show. In his own words, Michael says…”We made the rounds . . . not only at the cabin show, but on the phone and by email over the months that followed. One by one, the options dropped out. Too many questions about maintenance. Low energy efficiency. Cheap-looking end results.”

Michael made contact with Timber Block, and after more research, questions, inquiries, meetings, and more – they made their decision. They were building a Timber Block home.

Michael and Victoria Boomgarden made their dreams come true, and built the home they’ve always wanted. On their very own website, Michael talks about the day of his wall raising, and the process that followed… read his complete story, click here.

The Boomgardens built their home in southwest Wisconsin, and love to share their story. To hear more about their Timber Block journey, visit

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