Log home settling and checking are the top 2 concerns for log home owners. This has been a concern and problem since the inception of log homes. For traditionally built log homes, it’s something that’s almost impossible to avoid.

What does log home settling mean?

Log home settling is what happens when the logs of the home shrink once the home is built.

What does checking mean?

Checking is the cracks in the logs once the wood has dried, or the moisture levels change.

Both log home settling and checking are a concern because when builders are constructing the log home, they will have to leave gaps between the logs as well as the doors and windows. This process allows air to infiltrate the home. This results in lower energy efficiency.

As far as checking, there is also little you can do to avoid the logs to crack. The solution is a process calling chinking, which can be very expensive and unattractive.

How can log home settling and checking be avoided?

In most cases, it can’t be. However, this is where Timber Block comes in. Every single Timber Block home that is built is constructed to withstand extreme cold and extreme heat. Our patented system building process  ensures your home will not shrink, check or expand like a traditionally built log home.


In addition, our wood is dried to an 8 to 10 percent moisture content, which is furniture grade. This, along with our design and process, there is no risk of log home settling or checking.


The end result is a beautiful insulated log home, without the cost and worry of the maintenance associated with most traditionally built log homes.

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To find out how you can get started on your future insulated log home, call us at 866-929-5647 or email infonc@timberblock.com.


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