For years, the bath tub has always been one of the biggest deciding factors in the master bath. Regular bath tub? Claw foot? Jets? Jacuzzi? Oversized? There are many options for your tub, but are people now turning to their bathroom showers as their main focal point?

Of course people are still carefully choosing the perfect tub for them, but lately, we’ve seen Timber Block home owners go all out when it comes to their bathroom showers! And really, why not? When it comes down to it, the fact is, it’s likely the shower gets the most use in the master bath!

The growing trend we’re seeing is absolutely, downright gorgeous bathroom showers. (Who would of thought many years ago, we would be calling a bathroom shower gorgeous? Oh yes, they certainly can be!) It’s amazing how many times we will show photos of our master baths, and the first comment we’ll hear is, “Wow! Look at that shower! I want that!”

Large showers, with multiple shower heads are hot right now. And why wouldn’t they be? Many of these luxurious showers have clear glass, and are designed quite beautifully. Gone are the old plastic shower curtains covered in ducks and fish!

Here are a few examples of some of our home owners who took their bathroom shower seriously.






Now, we don’t want to forget about the bath tub completely! As you can see, most of these gorgeous bathroom showers also have a gorgeous tub nearby.  The trusty tub will never go away, (who doesn’t need a hot, relaxing bath sometimes?) but we are certainly love seeing the way this trend is going. These new luxurious bathroom showers are adding even more comfort and beauty to the bathroom.

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