Timber Block Homes answers: “Why Build Green”?

Simply put, today’s home owner is more ecological and environmentally more than ever. But why is it so important to build green?

When you plan to not just buy a new home, but actually build it from scratch, it’s not an impulse decision – it’s likely something your family has thought about for years. Taking on a project of this magnitude, why wouldn’t you build the absolute most efficient way possible.

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Building “green” has many advantages!

You’ve heard us talk about our wall insulation: but what does it really mean?

R-30 wall insulation is standard in every build Timber Block does. In our efforts to not only exceed the expectations of today’s home builder, and home owner, we have now made R-36 available.

Here’s a breakdown of what makes this so revolutionary:

R-30 exceeds all building codes related to insulation. Typically, this results in 4 times more insulation than a traditional log home. Our new R-36 insulation was developed to maintain our “above normal” standards.

The wall insulation, together with a tight thermal envelope allows you to save tons of money on energy bills (it can actually turn into thousands of dollars in savings over the life of your home!)


What does a “tight thermal envelope” mean?

This refers to the thermal insulation within the building enclosure. The purpose of envelope insulation is to provide a continuous thermal barrier to minimize heat flow through the walls, ceiling and floor.

Here is an excellent example of how a Timber Block R-30 Insulated Wood Home compared to a traditionally built log home:


When planning to build green, thinking about the ecological and environmental elements are key

Timber Block’s patented insulating process contains Zero ODS – no Ozone Depleting Substances. This is what makes our homes environmentally friendly!


Our Partners

Timber Block Homes has had great success since its inception, and continue to see exceptional growth because of our ability to not only maintain our revolutionary product, but to exceed the expectations of our home owners, as well as others in the industry – and our partners feel the same. Find out more about Timber Block’s partners by CLICKING HERE.


Find out more about how you can Build Green. Head to our technology page to get started!

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