Building the home of your dreams is one of the biggest decisions you will make. Gathering enough information to come up with a realistic blog is crucial, and even then – blowing your budget out of the water can be easy to do. With Timber Block homes, we not only can help you with your building budget, but we can help ensure you stay within your budget.


Today’s post is all about how not only can we help you budget wisely, but how we can keep that budget lower by saving you plenty of money, and time!


How can you save time and money by building a Timber Block home?

The walls of a Timber Block home are assembled in hours

Because of Timber Block’s patented technology, our system built homes are constructed weeks – if not months – faster than a traditionally built home. The walls of our homes are up in hours and dried-in within days. This allows the home to be built faster – resulting in less time. Less time equals less money.


Less waste means less money spent

Less than half of each log is used to build the home. The rest is used for other components. This results in less waste – resulting in less money spent.


Most Timber Block homes are delivered on just one truck

Many homes – especially log homes – require several trucks for delivery, resulting in high delivery costs. The walls of a Timber Block home – up to 3000 square feet – can be delivered on one truck.


R-30 – R-36 wall insulation ensures a highly energy efficient home

The result in a highly energy efficient home is obvious. Energy costs are high – and because of our R-30 to R-36 wall insulation, together with a tight thermal envelope, our homes are extremely energy efficient. This saves our home owners thousands of dollars in energy costs.

dining room1 - low res

 Timber Block homes will never settle or check

Our wood is dried to furniture grade. Our system built process ensures the wood will never, ever settle or check. Because most traditionally built log homes will check, the home requires chinking – a process that costs plenty of money and takes plenty of time.


For more about Timber Block’s revolutionary building technology, click here.


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