Today’s topic as part of Interior Week at Timber Block is all about cabinets. From experience, we have noticed when a customer, current owner, or those just looking for fun, steps into the kitchen, if the cabinets are done right, it will be the first thing they will comment on.


Cabinets are incredibly important for so many reasons. From beauty to storage, to fitting correctly, choosing the right cabinets is critical – not to mention one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your kitchen.

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So where do you start?

First, there are an incredible number of choices, from size and style, to cabinet doors, finish and of course the knobs and other hardware. You also have to take into consideration, as with most aspects of the home, there are cabinet “trends”. So, you’ll want to be careful when choosing cabinets – for example, if you have built a classic home, you will want to carry that classic look throughout – including the kitchen and kitchen cabinets.


Cabinet doors: We love having “accented” cabinet doors, such as having 2 or a few doors with glass installments.


Cabinet finish: if you have solid wood cabinets, you can leave them the way they are, or stain to the color of your choice. Once again, it wouldn’t hurt to have a second or third opinion on which color would look best and “fit” with the rest of your kitchen.


Cabinet mounting: You can stagger your cabinets, or add lighting above and below the cabinets. This may cost you a little more, but it may be just the finishing touch you are looking for!


Cabinet hardware. This is really another big decision to make, and can completely change the end result. The hardware and cabinet door knobs can dress up your cabinets, turn your cabinets into a more vintage look, country, or even classic. The good thing about the cabinet hardware, is it can be changed out – a more cost effective way to change up the look, if you feel like doing so later.


Let’s take a look at a couple of more non-traditional choices that our home owners have made when it came to their cabinets.  These home owners have used their cabinets as the focal point – choosing to use a color that really stands out.

This kitchen has red cabinets, which carry right through to the island.


Here’s another example. This kitchen is highlighted with blue cabinets throughout, also continuing to the island.


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