August 4-9 is Building Systems Week!

This week, the focus is to highlight modular, panelized, concrete and log homes!


There are many benefits to constructing a home with building systems. Some of these include:

Quality Control: Building homes in a factory setting allows for more consistent quality due to uniform construction processes, training techniques and inspections.

Energy Efficiency: System-built homes are often more tightly built and thus more energy efficient, which can result in lower heating and cooling costs for the home owner.

Green Building: System-built homes are green by their very nature. Assembly in an enclosed indoor environment allows them to fulfill some key components of green building certifications, including the ICC 700 National Green Building Standard.

To read more on Building Systems week, Click here to head to NAHB’s website!

Timber Block: the Revolutionary R-30 Ecological Home fits right into this category. The walls of our customer’s homes are stacked inside the quality controlled environment of our factory. This is such a huge benefit to our homeowners because the logs of their homes never suffer the elements of weather! The walls are kept safe and sound until ready for delivery.

As far as energy efficiency goes, each and every one of our homes has R-30 wall insulation. This, together with a near air-tight thermal envelope, and Timber Block homes are highly energy efficient!

Timber Block is very proud to utilize Green Technology. Only 40% of the wood is utilized to manufacture the structure, the remaining 60% is utilized to manufacture other components, resulting in less waste. Plus, low VOC sealant is applied to each log individually (this allows moisture to escape the log while keeping protecting the exterior from inclement weather)

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