How to Choose Your Perfect a Floor Plan

It’s almost the first thing you do when you’re contemplating building a brand new home. Your immerse yourself with floor plans, floor plans, floor plans!

There’s nothing more fun that studying all sorts of floor plans. Now, if you’re planning on building a new home, you likely have an idea of what your perfect floor plan looks like-kind of.

You probably have an idea of how big of a home you want, and you likely know things like how many bedrooms you want, how many baths, and then there’s the “wants”. You might want a large island in your kitchen, your spouse might think a mud room is an essential.


So, this is all good-you have a good start to your floor plan! Now, as you surf through floor plans, you may be overwhelmed to see how many options you have! Loft? Open floor plan? Building on a slab, crawl space, basement? Porch? Outdoor living space? Laundry room? And where? Main floor? There are tons of little decisions to make, and here’s where we can help.

A good idea is to sketch out your dream floor plan. Some of our designers have created floor plans from scribbles on a napkin! You can chat with one of or designers, let them know your essentials, and our pros will be able to help create your perfect floor plan.


Also, Timber Block Insulated Log Homes has dozens of stock floor plans for you to surf through. This will really help, because you might know what the exterior of your home looks like, but really need to work out the details on your interior. We also have different versions of each model.

Keep in mind too, Timber Block can take one of our stock floor plans, and tweak it-a little bit, or a lot!

If you have your own ideas for your perfect floor plan, we can also build a completely full custom home.


Contact is today and let us help you get started on your floor plan for your dream home! Email

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