You’re in the middle of designing the interior of your new home. Whether you’re building a traditional classic log home, or a contemporary wood home, vintage – whatever it may be, the fact is you are building your dream home, and every little thing you pick out for your interior is important to you.

Today, we are talking about bathroom design ideas. More specifically, bathroom tiles. The choices you have out there are endless, from color, shape, style and design.


So where do you start? Looking at photos of homes (especially homes that are your style) is a great start. Whether that’s surfing the net, flipping through log home books, or any home design books, or staying right here on, where we have tons of photos of finished interiors, photos will also help.


Taking notice of other homes you like, like family and friends, will help you get ideas too. At Timber Block, we have interior design partners that can help you as well, when it comes to choosing the right bathroom tile, and of course, all areas of the interior!

Now – choosing your tiles. Tile is the most used material in bathrooms. Of course there is laminate – which will cost you less- there’s also stone, and wood too! Often, people who build their own home do in fact, choose tile.

Porcelain tile: This is a very popular choice for the floor. It’s durable and water resistant. There are also many designs to choose from – you will be able to find just the right tile when choosing a porcelain tile. There are a couple of different kind of porcelain tile choices, so asking your designer, or your floor store will definitely help you choose which is best for you.

Non-porcelain ceramic tile: This tile is easier to cut than porcelain. Ceramic tiles will most likely cost you less.

Stone tile: Again, more choices! Most uses include marble, limestone, granite or slate.

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