This may sound like something that’s easy – choosing the bathtub or bathtubs in your new home. For many people, they may have just one bathtub in their home, and have it in their master bath. For others, there may be 2 or 3, but with one being the main focus. Did you know, a great master bathroom is on the top of the list for many new home owners? It is, and therefore, the bathtub you choose is very important.

Another thing is, it’s amazing how many choices you have when picking out the right bathtub! Also, any physical restraints will have to be taken into consideration.





Let’s get started:

Walk-in bathtub:  It’s basically what it sounds like. It includes a door, which allows you to walk right into the tub, rather than climb right in.

Clawfoot tub: On top of it looking elegant, (you hear this often: people “always” wanting a clawfoot tub!) it also can be considered a soaker bathtub, meaning your body can be fully immersed in it. Basically, it’s shape allows more water.

Air Tub: For some? A must-have. A steady stream of air from the tub jets, creating air bubbles! For many people, they utilize this sort of tub as a stress reliever – a way to relax at the end of your day.

Whirlpool Tub:  It circulates a mixture of air and water.

The General Bath Tub: A “normal”, “every day” bathtub. This is likely the bathtub you have seen tons of times, whether in your own home, or someone else’s.

There are actually so many different types of tubs, and then on top of it all, tons of styles. Choosing the right look and style of your tub, but also how you want to utilize your tub (relaxation, therapy, comfort, convenience) will be at the top of your list when designing your perfect bath!

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