We, like pretty much everyone else, are totally excited about the Christmas season! Every year during the holiday season, Timber Block home owners send us their photos of their Christmas trees set up in their beautiful new homes! (We do have to admit, spending Christmas inside a Timber Block home is amazing, thanks to the beauty and warmth of wood, along with the cozy and high energy efficiency!) Anyway, we have received so many photos over the years, and we’ve learned a few things about Christmas tree decorating along the way.

So, here we go: Timber Block’s top Christmas tree decorating tips!

1. We all know what department to go to when we hit the stores looking for decorations – but we’ve found some of the neatest ideas came from thinking outside the box! For example, some of our home owners have used other “items” as tree decorations. The tree below has many traditional decorations, but also added are….bouquets of flowers?! YES! The flowers on these trees are spray painted red, gold and silver. The result? A very elegant look and feel!


2. Create a “floor plan” for  your tree! (Well, more like a  sketch plan, but we always love talking about “floor plans”!) Basically, before you start throwing decorations wherever, you can draw it out beforehand – therefore, your lights, garland, and decorations will be spread out evenly!


3. Hang your “big” decorations first, and leave the smaller ones until the end. Basically, you will be using your little decorations as fillers. The end result? A fuller looking tree!

christmas tree1

4. Always start with the lights. Then add your garland, and finally your ornaments, and/or other decorations.

Christmas Tree

5. Make your own! We love when people do this. It makes for great family time – you can make a tradition out of it, and the final result? Great memories for years to come!

Hope you enjoyed these Christmas tree decorating tips! Merry Christmas and happy holidays from all of us at Timber Block!

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