So, the best part of doing what we do, and being the company that we are, plus having the revolutionary technology to do things the way we do, is because our homeowners get to choose exactly what they want their log home to look like.

Traditionally, a log home is built with stacked logs. And many times, they don’t really have an option to “change things up a bit”. For example, all log home lovers love the look and feel of wood, but sometimes they want their log home to have a more “modern” look.

Our logs are insulated. And because of our revolutionary, patented system built process, our homeowners actually get to choose what their home looks like.

Another reason why people may have their interior modernized, is because they like contemporary furniture, a modern design, or modern accessories. When you have a completely log home look, those sorts of designs may not “fit” or look “right”.

Here are some photos of what a few of our Timber Block homeowners have done with their interior.

That being said, there are very many people who love the “classic” log home look. But what most don’t love is the cost and time that has to go into it. (Traditionally, log homes are very high maintenance – they settle, the logs will check, and there are procedures that have to be done to fix that – like chinking – which takes time, and costs a lot).

With Timber Block, the Classic Log Home Lovers don’t have to worry about any of that. Our wood is dried to an 8-10 percent moisture content. This, along with our system built process ensures there is no risk of settling OR checking! Again, this takes time and money! And because the walls of our home go up in hours, and our homes are able to be dried in within a few days, this also saves on construction time – and therefore, saving even MORE money!

No matter what type of log home you love, our homes are all beautiful. We are very proud of that, and very pleased to make any and all log home lovers dream come true!

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