Everyone has their own style when it comes to, well…everything! And that certainly includes homes! You have to admit, the best part of house hunting, or searching through new homes for ideas, is seeing just how different styles and tastes can be!

We are just so pleased that we can create the floor plan fit for anyone’s style (and needs!) We do offer stock floor plans in 4 different series, but for those looking for a log home, we love that we can build a home that is truly a “classic” log home – or we can modernize it “a bit” or we can go crazy with contemporary and make your log home a completely modern and different log home!

Here is a perfect example: Take a look at these Timber Block log home bathrooms…

These are more of a “Classic” look….

And here are more “modern” looking log home bathrooms…


As you can see, the different designs and styles are made completely possible thanks to Timber Block’s revolutionary patented system building process.

Here are a few photos of different Timber Block kitchens

With Timber Block, you can also choose your log profile. Many Timber Block homeowners will choose a flat exterior, and a mix of a round and flat interior. Or some will have a very classic looking exterior, and go with a rustic, or hand-peeled log profile, while adding drywall and a flat profile on the interior:

No matter what the appearance of your home is, your Timber Block home will be highly energy efficient. Thanks to a tight thermal envelope and R-30 wall insulation (standard in every Timber Block home) your home will be comfortable, maintain heat in the winter and cool air in the summer.

For more information on Timber Block Insulated Log Homes, call us at 866-929-5647 or email info@timberblock.com.

To see a Timber Block model home in person, call us to find out where the closest model is to you.

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