When you hear us say, Timber Block: The Revolutionary R-30 Insulated Log Home, obviously, it’s understood we build insulated log homes! Today, we are going deeper into exactly what type of insulation we use.

Each and every log in our homes is injected with a closed cell polyurethane foam insulation. Some will say this is the best insulation out there. Why? It is much better than other different types of insulation, such as expanded polystyrene. First off, polyurethane is simply a better insulation than some of its foam counterparts.

When the polyurethane foam is injected into the logs, it’s much stronger than it would be with expanded polystyrene (or EPS). The polyurethane that is injected into the logs expands and bonds completely to all parts of the wood, then becomes hard, acting as the bonding agent on the log, so that no nails or breaks are made into the wood. Also, the polyurethane will never melt, no matter what temperature, as well, is much more safe in case of fire.

Mike Holmes talked about the benefits of using closed cell foam in a recent blog post:

“For me, there’s nothing better. It does what good insulation is supposed to do. When we talk about spray foam, there’s open cell and closed cell. Open cell means the tiny foam cells aren’t completely closed — you can crush open-cell spray foam in your hands. But with the closed variety, the tiny foam cells are closed and tightly packed together. This makes the spray foam denser — it’s rock solid — and increases its R-value (resistance to heat loss).”

To read Mike Holmes’ full blog post, click here to head to “The Holmes Spot”.

Also, with Timber Block Insulated Log Homes, each and every single log is injected with insulation (as opposed to SIPS, for example – which is basically insulation sandwiched between 2 layers of structural boards. To read more on the difference between SIPS and Timber Block’s system, click here).

With Timber Block’s patented system process, together with our insulation process and the closed cell polyurethane foam insulation we use, we have been called a “superior” product, with high quality standards. To read more about the Timber Block process, technology, and more, visit our technology page.

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