Timber Block Homes recently held a webinar dedicated to construction loans. How do I get a construction loan? What is the process relating to obtaining a construction loan? Is it a long and difficult process?


When building a brand new home rather than purchasing an existing home, it’s a bit of a different process. You will have to obtain a construction loan, and this complimentary webinar was held to allow people to learn more about that process.

Tacoma Side

Timber Block USA President Craig Johnson introduces the webinar, and provides a quick introduction of the webinar. He then turns it over to Alan Lierz, who is the President and CEO of New Century Bank. Alan has worked with several Timber Block home owners, and during the webinar, goes through the construction loan process in a descriptive, but interactive presentation.


Alan also answers several of the most asked questions, beginning with “What are construction loans, and do I need one”?

Alan explains the different between short term construction loans and permanent loans. He then goes through the process in plenty of detail:

1. The application process

2. Documenting the application

3. Finding the land and obtaining construction bids

4. Appraisal

5. Loan commitment

6. Close construction loan


There are questions answered by both Alan and Craig throughout the webinar from those who attended, plus a question and answer period at the end.

This complimentary webinar is now available to the public online, where you can watch whenever and wherever you prefer! Enjoy!


If you have any questions at all about construction loans, or Timber Block in general, please call us at 866-929-5647 or email infonc@timberblock.com.


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