The construction portion of your brand new home is one of the most exciting steps in your dream home journey. After spending plenty of time thinking, looking, planning, and dreaming all about your floor plan, the start of construction is your first look at your dream becoming a reality.


Today, we’re talking about what’s involved in the construction process when you choose to build with Timber Block.

Timber Block is a home building manufacturer, that utilizes a system building process – one that is patented. Our engineered wood homes are built with revolutionary technology, meeting all standards of today’s home building.


What can you expect during the construction process?

Once your floor plan is finalized, your home goes into production. Your walls are prepared in our quality controlled factory, and not delivered until the day before, or day of, construction. This is important for you to know, because this fact ensures your wood is protected from things that could be harmful – weather, bugs and other elements.


The first part of the construction of your home (other than the foundation prep) is the wall raising. This is a process that takes less than a day. In fact, in some cases, the walls of the home are erected by lunchtime! Again, this is very important – your walls go from the delivery truck to installation without ever touching the ground.


Once your wall raising is complete, the dry-in process begins. This also is a quicker process – your home can be dried-in in as little as 7 to 10 days.








The timeline for the  interior part of the construction process will depend mostly on your builder’s timelines. The interior part of a Timber Block Engineered Wood Home is completed as any conventional, or traditionally built home.

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Overall, because of Timber Block’s revolutionary, system built process, we are able to build homes faster, without every sacrificing the high quality. This process also ensures each home built is highly energy efficient, with utilizing green technology, can be modified to suit the home owner, and be built anywhere in the world.


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