For those who prefer or dream of a  modern or contemporary home, there are things about the look of a contemporary home that you love.

Most people like a contemporary home because simply, it’s newer. Who doesn’t want to live in a new home? (Especially one you hand a hand in designing!) Today’s contemporary home obviously doesn’t look like a home built in the 1920s.


Also, with a contemporary home, it always looks up-to-date. Not far from the person who likes to keep up with the styles, whether it’s a vehicle, clothes – even hair!

sonoma-living room-2

A contemporary home has clean “lines”. Everything about a contemporary home looks crisp, clean and in order.

Generally, as you can see in our Contemporary Home collection, you can see the abundance of windows. This is a beautiful feature. It’s bright, light and airy!

Sonoma-exterior-montreal show

Also, there will be lots of space – open, pleasing, comfortable – it’s just easy!


Now, to the part that really makes Timber Block Ecological Homes stand out. Our contemporary homes are made of wood! For those who love a contemporary home, but also love the look and feel of wood – this is what we do. So, your contemporary home is built exactly the same as all of our homes – in our factory, utilizing our patented system built process. You have the beauty of a contemporary home design, with all of the added benefits of Timber Block, including:

-R-30 wall insulation

-Easy installation (walls up in hours)

-a technician on site (wall raising)

Green Technology

-Custom options (we have many floor plan options, but all of them are customizable, and we can build a full custom home as well)

-No settling or checking: Your building with wood, however, our process ensures no risk of settling or checking.

To find out more about our contemporary homes, call us at 866-929-5647 or email

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