Cottage Living. For those who build themselves a cottage, it’s a dream come true. It’s something couples, families, or singles have thought about – likely, most of their lives.

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What is the appeal of cottage living? And, what exactly does cottage living really look like?

Even the word “Cottage Living” sounds nice, doesn’t it? Some people associate cottage living with: vacation, retreat, summer, warm, family, cozy, comfort.


So, what is the draw? We all work hard. The day to day grind, the busyness of life in general, work, kids, school, extracurricular activities, sports….the list goes on and on. For so many Timber Block home owners who have built a cottage – or second home, they have built it as a retreat. Many of these cottages are built in a more secluded spot, on a beautiful piece of land with a great view – whether it’s surrounded by trees, water, hills or mountains.


This is also why you will see those who choose to build a cottage, they have the same look and feel. Most of the cottages we build come straight from our classic series. Built with wood (see below for more on Timber Block’s Engineered Wood System Building Process), almost most of out cottages have plenty of windows – if not an entire wall of windows, some have dormers on the outside, and inside – you’ll likely find a loft, and many times – a cathedral ceiling. Wood floors, and beautiful interiors complete our cottage living home owners!


In addition, you’ll find the landscape of our home owner’s cottages large and plentiful, with plenty of green!

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Why do many cottage owners choose Timber Block?

Timber Block has the ability to build to the customer’s needs and wants. All of our models can be modified – sometimes, we will have people love a certain look and style of one of our models, but want additions – such as an extra bedroom or 2 for guests, a garage, wraparound porch, main floor laundry, outdoor living space and more. Our design team works very closely with each client to create the “Perfect Plan”.

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Also, Timber Block homes are made of engineered wood. This means our cottage owners will have the look, feel and smell(!) of wood, but our system building process (which is a patented and proprietary product) ensures the wood will never settle or check, or won’t be exposed to the elements that can damage the wood (weather, bugs, etc).


Energy efficiency. Every single Timber Block Cottage owner cares about this. Whether they are ecologically and environmentally friendly, or simply want their energy bills to be lower than normal, our R-30 to R-36 wall insulation ensures our home owners see lower energy bills than they’ve had – likely, in any other home they have lived in.


Plus, an energy efficient home is cozy. There’s no whistling wind through door cracks or windows, no cool (or hot!) feeling. A tight thermal envelope, together with the insulation ensures you are comfortable – every day of the year – no matter what the season.

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