If you follow this blog, you’ll notice we feature different models from our four different series periodically. We love showing you our models – inside and out – along with the floor plans of each featured home.

Today, we would like to feature one of our customer’s homes! It’s a good opportunity for you to see what happens when our home owners take one of our favorite models, and turn it into a reality for themselves. This post features a custom Dakota, built recently in beautiful North Carolina!

This family (like so many families) absolutely loved this model, but felt there were a few things missing for them – so they chose a custom Dakota!

Based on our standard model, this custom Dakota has some very wonderful modifications. As you can see here, they chose to build their custom Dakota with a walkout basement (any Timber Block home can be built on whatever type of foundation you want – basement, walkout basement, crawl space, slab, etc….).

custom dakota



These wonderful new home owners also chose to add double doors looking out from the loft for guests!


And while our standard Dakota doesn’t include a garage – anything is possible with Timber Block –  these home owners chose to add a garage to their custom Dakota!

Here’s a look at the front of this custom Dakota, still under construction:



We love the fact these Timber Block home owners have sent us interior photos during the construction phase!


Certainly looks like this custom Dakota is a dream come true!

A few more notes about our homes: The walls of this home were assembled in hours. From a foundation to a complete outline of the home, these home owners were able to physically watch what their home was going to look like…in just a few hours!

You can also see, some of our customers choose to add drywall to their interiors….this is another benefit of Timber Block. You can have an end result that YOU chose – not the home manufacturer or home builder.

In addition, these custom Dakota home owners will enjoy R-30 wall insulation. Whether you build straight from a model, have a modified model, or build full custom, every Timber Block home will include R-30 wall insulation (R-40 to R-50 in the roof).

And one more thing: This home will never settle or check. Timber Block’s wood is dried to an 8-10 percent moisture content. This, together with our revolutionary system building process, ensures the home will never settle or check.

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