Timber Block’s Home of the Week is a full custom home, built in South Carolina, and was inspired solely by the home owner’s dreams and ideas.

When our home owner came to us with his thoughts on his dreams, our design team was more than happy to get started on what they knew would be nothing short of spectacular, and the final results didn’t disappoint.

When the very first photos of this dream home were released, it was clear many future home owners, current home owners, green building professionals and home builders appreciated Timber Block’s ability to customize.

In fact, the unique, contemporary, but classic custom home, plus a well thought out floor plan proved and validated not only the experience of our design team, but the fact Timber Block can – and will – go above and beyond.

Let’s start with the exterior. (Keep in mind, there is no “name” for this home, as it’s a 100% custom design.)







Let’s head on in! Here are some interior photos! Enjoy!

We have to start with the kitchen, which we describe simply as “fantastic.” Beautiful wood, with the red features and stainless steel appliances fit perfectly together. (And how about that backsplash!)


Here’s another view of the kitchen area, showing more of the living room. The custom windows let in so much natural light, you can almost imagine yourself there, simply enjoying life!


More windows for the ultimate master bedroom. (Great area rug too, perfect for the fur baby!)


We have no words for this living room. (Actually we do – even WE are jealous of this living room!)


And the master bedroom. High windows for privacy, without having to cover them is brilliant. A large walk-in shower with clear glass is the perfect match.



And as we always say…What you see is beautiful, but what you don’t see is spectacular. This couldn’t be more true. This Timber Block custom home was constructed with Timber Block’s patented system building process. It’s an engineered home, with proprietary technology that allows the home owner to be able to enjoy their home comfortably, with much lower energy bills than a traditionally built home.

In addition, this home was constructed faster than a conventionally built home, resulting in the home owner moving in much sooner.

Questions about this custom home, or any of our homes? Want to know more about our building process, or our technology? Call us at 866-929-5647 or email infonc@timberblock.com.

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