You hear us talk a lot about the fact we can customize your Timber Block home. What does that exactly mean? Timber Block: The Revolutionary R-30 Ecological Home offers dozens of floor plans in 4 different series. Each series has it’s own style of home….for example: Our Classic Series is made up of homes that fit the more “traditional” look of a log home. You’ll find a wall of windows, decks, with a loft open to below – all the qualities that create the perfect log home or log cabin.


Our Ranch Series is made up homes that are typically one level, and carry the feel of a ranch-style home, while our Vintage Series has a classic architectural style, with a coastal type feel.

RANCH SERIES - Newton I Model

VINTAGE SERIES - Alexandria Model

The homes found in our Contemporary Series are designed with a more “modern” residential style.


Between the four series, we definitely can give almost everyone a good idea of exactly what home suits them, and their lifestyle!

Customizing your Timber Block home, based on any of our models in any of the series, is made easy, thanks to our patented system building process. Not every panelized home building manufacturer can do this, and we are very proud to be able to turn a floor plan into something that is EXACTLY what each and every one of our customers had in mind.

In fact, close to 80-90 percent of our home owner have customized their floor plan in some way. Sometimes, the changes are minor – adding a wall here and there, opening up an area a little more, adding another room, etc. Some home owners will take the floor plan and change it a lot! They may add a garage, many rooms, add plenty of square footage, or make it smaller!

Also, our homes are able to be built on a slab, crawl space, or basement. These options are endless!

We also can build full custom as well. We have had home owners walk through our doors with their own floor plan they’ve been working on! The home below is a perfect example of a customer who knew what he wanted, and he, alongside our architects, turned that piece of paper into a life long dream come true!

Again, we are incredibly proud of every home we build, and are able to make dreams come true. All while never sacrificing the highest of quality, and maintaining a highly energy efficient home – and one that was built weeks, or months, faster than many stick built, or traditional homes.

If you would like to talk with any of our current home owners, we would love to set you up with a call! Call us anytime at 866-929-5647, or email

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