Timber Block Panelized Homes has the deal of a lifetime. We are offering a huge discount on this ready to ship Denver model  home.

Denver Model

Although Timber Block has a quicker build time than most traditionally built homes, including log and stick-built, with this Denver model, all of the drawings are finished, and the engineering has been done. What does this mean to you? This means you can have your brand new Denver model delivered in as little as 4 weeks.  Because a Timber Block home can be dried in within 7-10 days,  you can be living in your dream home as early as the beginning of this summer.

As mentioned, the drawings and engineering are complete, meaning there cannot be any changes to this Denver model floor plan. To get the complete floor plan, plus more details on how this Denver model can be yours, call us right away at 866-929-5647 or email infonc@timberblock.com (And we do mean right away; this offer won’t last long!)

Why Timber Block?

Timber Block utilizes a patented system building process. Our wood is top grade, and is cut, sanded, stained and insulated in our quality controlled factory.  The walls of our homes have R-30 wall insulation (we do offer R-36 as well), ensuring a highly energy efficient home, plus we guarantee our wall insulation will meet or exceed building codes related to wall insulation.


Timber Block homes can be built anywhere. This is a major benefit. Because of our efficient flat stacking process, the walls of your home can be shipped anywhere. (And we mean anywhere; we have built homes all around the world).


Our homes will never settle or check. When building a log or wood home, there is almost always a risk of settling and checking (cracks in the wood). Our wood is dried to an 8-10 percent moisture content. This, along with our proprietary building process, ensures your home will not settle or check.


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