We get this question every single day from customers. Many homeowners looking to build a customized home feel it almost seems impossible to have a gorgeous, brand new, high quality home go up as fast as Timber Block homes do. But it is absolutely true.

Over the last few weeks, Timber Block dealers, sales and management staff have been busy hosting free seminars. Last week, we were in Nashville, Tennessee, Greenville, South Carolina, and Atlanta, Georgia. This week, we were Dallas, Houston and Austin, Texas. The most frequently asked questions during the past weeks have been:

“Do the walls of the Timber Block homes really go up in hours?”
“I don’t want to wait several months for my home to be built – I would like to be in it before winter.”

This is the process in a nutshell. Timber Block homes are typically able to be built within 8-10 weeks (depending on the size). Once you start your drawings with one of our many architects, the process of building your brand new home begins. The logs of your home are sanded, insulated, stacked (glued under 6000 pounds of pressure, and thru-bolted vertically every 24 inches), and stained. Your window areas are cut out, and prepared for easy installation on-site. Your home is then sent by truck to your building location. Once the truck arrives, your builder works with our technician to install the walls. Your walls will then be assembled in HOURS! Then, within just days(depending on the size of the home about 7-10 days) your builder will be able to have your brand new home dried in and weather-tight!

So, if you are looking to build your home sooner rather than later, it IS possible with Timber Block! Call us anytime at 866-929-5647 with any questions you have.

In the meantime, click here – this is a time lapse video of the wall raising of the Pisgah Mountain Lodge at The Coves, North Carolina. Yes, this was done in….hours!