Almost all home owners that have Timber Block homes wanted an ecological, energy efficient, green home. Our home owners not only enjoy the fact they have made the ecological choice, but enjoy the benefit of saving money. A highly energy efficient, ecological home will save you thousands of dollars in energy bills during the lifetime of your home.


In addition, an ecological home is the way of building now – and in the future. More and more home owners have energy efficiency at the top of the list when building a brand new home.


What makes Timber Block the ecological choice?

First, let’s start with wall insulation. R-30 is standard in every home we build. In our efforts to maintain our reputation of being the revolutionary panelized wood home, earlier this year, we introduced an R-36 wall.

Because of our high R-rating, together with a tight thermal envelope, every single home we build is highly energy efficient.

How about the rest of the home? We talk about our wall insulation, but what about the entire wall or home? Effective insulation is around R-27 or more, but it will depend on the design of the entire home.

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The thermal envelope of our homes provides a thermal barrier, minimizing the heat flow through the walls, floors and ceilings. Our system building process ensures the insulation is consistent throughout the  entire home.

Timber Block utilizes green technology. For example, about 40 percent of our wood is used for manufacturing the structure. The rest is used for other components. We believe in making sure we have as little waste as possible.


Environmentally friendly. Our insulating process contains no Ozone Depleting Substances.

The benefits of an ecological home are endless. For example, thanks to our R-30 to R-36 wall insulation, each and every home we build meets or exceeds building codes across the board – coast to coast.
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