Timber Block’s efficient installation has made everyone’s life easier. Home builders have the ability to complete their project faster, and as for the home owners themselves, they are able to move in weeks – even months – sooner than a traditionally built wood, log or stick-built home.

What does efficient installation mean?

Watch this video below. This is a time lapse video of a Timber Block Engineered Wood Home. This happened in just hours. From a foundation to a complete shell, our efficient installation continues to amaze everyone in the home building industry.

Timber Block’s efficient installation means more than just moving in quicker too. For example, as the saying goes; “Time is Money”…this is a completely true statement. Ask someone you know who has built their home traditionally. The longer a build takes, the more money it takes too.

efficient installation

Further, Timber Block’s efficient installation has many major advantages when it comes to protecting your home.

Simply put, Timber Block’s walls are constructed INSIDE. We have a quality controlled factory that closely monitors every inch of every single piece of wood that’s used for your home. The insulation of your walls, the staining, bonding…everything is done in our factory. Your walls are not delivered until directly before your wall raising. This means your wood will NEVER touch the ground or be exposed to the elements; bugs, weather, etc.


Also, with every Timber Block home built, the home owner will have a Timber Block technician every step of the way. So, when the wall raising is happening, our expert technician will be on hand, working alongside your builder to make sure everything goes smoothly.


To find out more about Timber Block, our efficient installation, our technology, and more, we invite you to contact us at 866-929-5647 or email infonc@timberblock.com.


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