Today we’re talking about some things to think about after making the decision to go ahead and build a brand new home. Of course, the appearance and floor plan is very important – you’ve waited a long time to build your own home, and you want to make sure the ideas you have come together perfectly. But there are other things – things you may not see – but are just as important.

Energy Efficiency

Does an energy efficient home really make that much of a difference? It certainly does. An energy efficient home will absolutely reduce the amount of your heating/cooling bills. And because you likely plan on staying in your home for a long time, over the years, you are looking at saving thousands and thousands of dollars!

Bottom line? The more energy efficient the home is, the less energy will be needed to keep your home cozy and comfortable, and therefore saving you money on the ever-increasing price of energy.

Building Codes

To find out the building codes in your area, you can find out on the internet, or by calling a local building inspector. Building codes vary from state to state, and region to region. Building codes have changed over the years, and will continue to change, and if you are planning on building a log home, you must be careful. Depending on the size of the log, a log home can have an “R” rating as low as R5-R6. With Timber Block, the R-30 Insulation either meets or exceeds all building codes in regards to insulation across the country. R-30 is standard in each and every Timber Block home.

Green Building

Many people are looking to build a Green home. A green home is a well insulated, highly energy efficient home, which is built with as little waste as possible, and doesn’t cause harm to the envrionment. A Timber Block home, for example, will provide close to 50 percent more insulation than a standard home and almost 400 percent more insulation than a traditional log home.

Less waste? When we build one of our homes, we typically use about 40 percent of the wood to manufacture the structure. The rest will be used to manufacture other components!

Timber Block is called the Revolutionary R-30 Ecological home. We care for our environment. Our high pressure foam injection procedure contains no Ozone Depleting Substances (Zero ODS)!

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