When the winter weather decided to hit, it hit hard! With below normal highs and lows across Canada, and most of the USA, people have been getting a chill and turning up the heat. In New York, they’ve been busy digging out from 3 feet of snow, and are expecting more by the end of the week.

Many say they expect a snowy and cold winter – some areas have already shattered weather records, thanks to snowfall totals and cold temperatures.


For those already living in a Timber Block home – they are not worried at all about the cold weather – and for those on their way to moving into their new Timber Block home, it can’t come fast enough! Now is the time to get started on planning for your cozy, warm and insulated Timber Block wood home!


Energy efficiency is at the top of Timber Block’s list

From our very first home we built, energy efficiency has been our top priority. With the rising cost of energy, not to mention the comfort, home owners consider energy efficiency in their homes to be extremely important.

Timber Block winter

All of our homes have R-30 to R-36 wall insulation. Every single one. How do we achieve that considering we build with wood?

Our wood is injected with a high density polyurethane insulation, along with a tight thermal envelope. What does this mean? Thermal envelope refers to the thermal insulation within the building enclosure. The purpose of envelope insulation is to provide a continuous thermal barrier to minimize heat flow through the walls, ceiling and floor. The R-30 insulation keeps your home comfortable and reduces costs for heating and cooling.  Timber Block’s building process makes sure the insulation is consistent and maintained throughout the entire height of the walls. Our process ensures there are no gaps that could end up with a loss of energy efficiency.


We have home owners that claim their energy bills have drastically decreased since moving into their new home – realistically, this results in thousands and thousands of dollars in savings over the life of their home.

To get started on your Timber Block plan, head to the contact page of our site, or head here to find a location close to you!


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