If having an energy efficient home is important to you, it’s no wonder why are here right now reading this! Timber Block is the ultimate in energy efficient home building. Each home we build is highly energy efficient, with R-30 wall insulation. This, along with a tight thermal envelope guarantees a highly energy efficient home.


So obviously, with our dedication to being on top of things in home building, it’s no surprise we are also dedicated to making sure our customers and friends are able to stay on top of all things today – meaning, we are online – everywhere – to allow our customers have a choice how they receive our updates, events, wall raisings, open houses, home shows, webinars, seminars, and more.


So, of course Timber Block Energy Efficient Homes is on Facebook. We update Facebook on a daily basis, with new photos every day. We always post our upcoming events, new floor plans, and any news we want to let our energy efficient home lovers know! And, our Facebook page is also very close to 5000 likes! Help us get there, by Liking us on Facebook!


Timber Block Energy Efficient Homes is also on the most popular social media visual sites, like Pinterest, Instagram and Houzz! All of which are also updated daily. Head to which site you choose by clicking here. (Click here for Pinterest here for Instagram here for Houzz).


Timber Block energy efficient homes is also on Twitter. Simple, quick little updates – under 140 characters – you’re able to keep up with things – and fast! Click here to head to our Twitter Page.

You can also find us on LinkedIn – also with daily updates. On LinkedIn, we also will post on groups related to log home building, and system built homes. Check it out! Click here to head to our LinkedIn Company Page.

And finally, Google Plus. There, we not only post photos and floor plans, but we also make sure to add all of our events on there – whether it would be upcoming home shows, log home shows, cottage shows, wall raisings, open houses, any other celebration, grand openings and more. Click here to head to our Google Plus page.

If you have any questions at all about Timber Block Energy Efficient Homes, you can call us anytime at 866-929-5647 or email us at rgibbs@timberblock.com.

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