Timber Block – Engineered For Better Living. That says it all….and we are proud to reveal this is officially our new logo!

Timber Block, the Revolutionary R-30 Insulated Log Home is engineered for better living. Our patented system building process begins in the quality controlled environment of our factory. Your first step is choosing Timber Block, and by doing that, knowing you will have a high quality, energy efficient, gorgeous home that will last a lifetime. You can be confident the home you have always dreamed of will become a reality.

Once you have chosen Timber Block, you will meet with our architects to design your floor plan. Once that’s signed off, your home goes into production, Your wood is cut, insulated, sanded, stained, thru-bolted every 24 inches and bonded together under thousands of pounds of pressure. Again, this is all done in a quality controlled environment. We will only deliver the walls of your home once they are ready for installation. (While your home is in production, you and your builder will be busy sorting out foundation, etc.)

Your wall raising. It simply takes hours. You will watch your home be built – literally – in a day. Dry in time is typically 7-10 days after that. Your interior is finished the same way a stick-built home would be.

Another important advantage Timber Block has is our wood is dried to an 8 percent moisture content. This – together with our assembly design – eliminates the risk of settling and checking – which is usually a risk when building a traditional log home.

Timber Block also utilizes green technology. Timber Block’s walls have close to 50 percent more insulation than standard homes, and up to 400 percent more insulation than traditional log homes. On top of that, we boast a near air tight thermal envelope – which also results in higher energy efficiency. We also use only 40 percent of the wood to manufacture the structure. The remaining 60 percent is used to manufacture other components. The result? Less waste.

To find out more about Timber Block, call us at 866-929-5647, or email info@timberblock.com

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