Are you in the midst of making the decision to go ahead and build the log home you’ve always wanted to build? If you’re busy doing your research, surfing the ‘net, flipping through magazines, attending shows, and asking questions, this is also the time to take that vision of your perfect home and turn it into a reality. What style of home do you want? How about the square footage? How about windows? Do you have an excellent view on your land, and want tons of windows for the view? What log profile do you prefer? Flat, Round, True Grain, or a hand peeled look?

With Timber Block Insulated Log Homes, we are considered a custom systems built home manufacturer. While we have dozens of floor plans to take a look at, we also modify those plans, or we can build a completely custom home – to suit your needs. You will work with our team of architects to design the home you want.

Your first step will be figuring out what exactly you would like to build. Do you want plenty of square footage? Are you looking for a large home? Here are a couple of examples of some of our homes are generous with the square footage!

Tahoe - 3381 square feet

Avalanche - 4471 square feet

On the other side of the spectrum, you may choose to have a smaller cottage-type second home. These homes are charming, smaller, and still the same top quality, and energy efficient as any home we build.

Luberon - 676 square feet

Belfort - 1237 square feet

Many people who choose to build a log home are building on a piece of land that will have a wonderful view, whether it’s a lake, trees, ocean, mountains, etc. A lot of homes we build have the classic log home “wall of windows”.

Dakota - 1887 square feet

Denver - 2770 square feet

No matter which type of log home you prefer, we can work with you to get your dream end result. To speak directly with a Timber Block pro, call us at 866-929-5647, or email

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