If you live in a Timber Block home, or will in the future, (or for that matter, live in any home that has any type of fireplace), now is the time to get that fireplace cleaned!

Cleaning your fireplace will not only make it look nice and clean, but it’s necessary for safety reasons.

If you have a wood burning fireplace

Take the grate outside. Clean with a brush to remove the soot. Wipe dry.

Using a shovel designed for a fireplace, take out the ashes, and throw away  (make sure not to use a vacuum). You can then clean the fireplace walls with a fireplace brush.

Cleaning the fireplace glass

Gas fireplaces are very popular. Most have glass doors (instead of those sliding doors commonly used with wood burning fireplaces). So, how can you keep the glass of your fireplace clean? There are actually products available for this specific task. They are quite different than your normal glass cleaner. You’ll be able to use the cleaner together with paper towels. Simple!

You also need to clean out your chimney (certainly you should do this before Santa comes!)

Cleaning your chimney

Your fireplace should be inspected once a year. For cleanings, your best bet is to order up a chimney sweep! You will easily be able to find a company close to you to be able to safely clean your chimney, resulting in less chance of a chimney fire.

For Timber Block home owners, the fireplace is not only warm and comforting, it’s a beautiful feature. Take a look at what these Timber Block home owners have done with their fireplaces.






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