It’s another busy weekend ahead for Log Home and Cottage Shows this weekend! Now that April is here, you can’t ask for a better time to get your home building project started.

Join Timber Block, the Revolutionary R-30 Insulated Log Home at one of 2 shows set for this weekend:

2013 Spring Cottage Life Show
International Center
Toronto, Ontario

Show Hours:

Friday, April 5: 11-8
Saturday, April 6: 9-6
Sunday, April 7: 10-5

Timber Block booth number: 228, Hall 1

Click here for directions!

2013 Lakeland Log and Timber Home Show
Lakeland Center
Lakeland, Florida

Show Hours:

Friday, April 5: 4-8
Saturday, April 6: 10-6
Sunday, April 7: 11-4

Timber Block booth number: 412-416

Click here for directions!

Join Timber Block pros at a show this spring, and you will be treated to an up close and personal look at the Timber Block Insulated Log System.

Did you know?

R-30 Wall Insulation is standard in each and every Timber Block Ecological home.

A Timber Block home will not settle or check – something that is a big concern when building traditional log homes. Each Timber Block log is dried to an 8 percent moisture content (furniture grade). This, together with Timber Block’s patented system building process, ensures no settling or checking.

Timber Block can customize any floor plan or build from your own dreams and ideas.

Timber Block homes can be built anywhere.

Timber Block homes are assembled in hours. The panelized system utilizes a true stacked log construction method to provide not only strength, but greatly reduces the installation time required at the build site. The exterior wall structure can be assembled in under one day.

Timber Block homes are GREEN! Just 40 percent of the wood is used to manufacture the home, the remaining 60 percent is used to manufacture other components. As well, a low VOC sealant is applied to each log (allowing moisture to escape the log while protecting the exterior from weather conditions)

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