Are you at the point of thinking about your choices for the front door of your home? This is actually quite an important and critical part of finishing off your new home.

The front door of you home is the entrance. You’ve spent months, if not years, dreaming and planning your new home. The front door is what everyone sees, no matter what. Every family member, friend, guest – even the mailman – will see your front door! The front door can really make a cosmetic impact, but it also has to be functional, and efficient.

Timber Block builds highly energy efficient homes. We build our homes with R-30 to R-36 wall insulation. Our homes have a tight thermal envelope, and everything we do when building our homes is geared towards high energy efficiency. Our windows, which are included in your Timber Block package, are highly energy efficient.

Your front door must also suit your climate, on top of the style of your home.

Here are some examples of not only front doors our home owners have chosen, but other entrances as well. Enjoy!




Dakota Model: Exterior

Dakota Model: Exterior


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