Happy Friday!

At Timber Block Insulated Log Homes, we have created a new feature called Fun Fact Friday! On random Fridays, we will focus on one topic and list some “Fun Facts” about that topic. These topics will range from general questions to more specific. For example: We may discuss general building questions or the system building process to more detailed topics like choosing your land or finding the right floor plan.

Today, for our first Fun Fact Friday, we are going to show you some general facts – about Timber Block!

First…Did you know…

Timber Block has more than 30 years construction history? Our parent company was created in 1977 as a family business in 1977!

Timber Block has a patent on our assembly design? We are proud to offer the highest of quality in each and every home we build!

Each and every stock model we have in any of our 4 series are completely customizable. You are able to start with one of our floor plans, and modify it a bit – or a lot! Whatever suits your needs. We can also build from scratch too….(even if you bring in a sketch on a napkin)!

Timber Block has on staff designers who will work closely with you right from the beginning.

Timber Block has a technician on-site with every build.

We produce more than 40 percent of all the log homes built in our core market!

The area of the entire wall or home in all of our homes is generally above R-27, depending on the design (windows bring the effective insulation level down). And every section of the wall, is R-30 from the top of the log to the bottom of the log.

Our homes can withstand the harshest of weather! Whether its strong winds, an extremely cold environment – or hot – our homes will not shrink, warp or crack – like most traditionally built log homes will.

Timber Block homes are low maintenance! This is unheard of when building a log home – like mentioned above, traditional log homes will settle and check – meaning you will always have to chink. With a Timber Block home, chinking will never be required.

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