Timber Block Insulated Log Homes would like introduce you to new ways you can keep up to date on everything we have going on – from Facebook and Twitter to Pinterest and Instagram!

As so many people today utilize some form of social media, we want to make sure you can find us on your social media site of choice!

Timber Block is on Facebook. This page is where we post all sorts of things, including new floor plans, upcoming events, news, wall raisings, open houses, grand openings, and photos. The photos we post on this main Facebook site will include all photos from all of our series – including Classic, Ranch, Series and Vintage. Click here to go to Timber Block’s main Facebook Page.

We have now developed a few new Facebook sites – which are more specific. For example, you can do a Facebook search of “Log Home Floor Plans”. This is our page – designed for people who want to see ONLY our floor plans. Posts are kept up to date, with new content all the time! Click here to head to our Log Home Floor Plans Facebook Page.

Also, if your are a Facebook User, we have introduced a new page – “Modern Log Homes” has been created for those who want to see photos of ONLY more “modern” log homes! (We found there are many people who either love a more modern look, and those who are the exact opposite – and really only want to see photos of a more “Classic” log home). Click here to head to our Modern Log Homes Facebook Page.

Pinterest is another social media site we update daily – Pinterest has absolutely exploded in popularity over the last several months – it’s a site you can use for collecting and organizing the things you love! Click here to go straight to our Pinterest Page.

Twitter is a real time information network that connects you to the latest stories, ideas, opinions and news about what you find interesting. All updates and “tweets” are under 140 characters long – it’s a very quick way to get any updates – or interesting facts. Click here to Follow Timber Block on Twitter!

Timber Block is also on Google Plus…operated by Google. There are circles you can join – or invite people to your “circle”. They’re like categories for your Google Plus “friends”….so you can be selective with the circles you update! For example lets say Timber Block was having a wall raising in Alaska – it’s likely we won’t update our circle on that specific event to our contacts in Florida! Click here to Join us on Google Plus!

We are also on LinkedIn, which is a more business-oriented social networking site…it’s mostly used for professional networking. It also includes groups you are interested in – some open and some closed – you can join, and take part in, or follow discussions. Click here to Visit us on LinkedIn!

Instagram has become part of the mix for us as well…again, because millions of people have joined Instagram, we knew we had to make sure our Instagram users would be able to view our photos as well! Instagram is a way people can photo-share or video-share, and is a social networking service that allows its users to take pictures and videos. Click here to view us on Instagram!

All of the online information networks we update can be shared with your friends and family! No matter which site you are on, you can share Timber Block’s updates, photos, floor plans and events with those you care about – show them what your future dream home may look like!

For more information, or talk to us directly with any questions or inquiries, call us at 866-929-5647, or email info@timberblock.com!