Green building. In today’s world, green building is not only an advantage; but a must.

Today, Timber Block Engineered Wood Homes is discussing the importance of green building, and how our system building process ensures you will have an energy efficient home – for the life of your home.

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Why is it so important to utilize green building practices?

Overall,  a home that is “green” is not only beneficial to the home owner, but it has substantial benefits to the environment. Of course, a highly energy efficient home will save money on energy bills, but when a home has decreased electricity and energy usage, it’s greatly beneficial to our environment.


What does Timber Block do to support green building efforts?

Each and every Timber Block home is built with R-30 wall insulation. The logs are injected with a high density polyurethane insulation (which is a patented process), before they are stained, stacked, thru bolted and bonded.

While R-30 is standard in every home we build, just this year, Timber Block introduced an R-36 option. The roof is between R-40 and R-50.

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Also, a Timber Block wood home has close to 400 percent more insulation than a traditionally built log home. PLUS, we also use about 40 percent of each log to manufacture the home. The remaining is used in other components. The result? Less waste!

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We pride ourselves in utilizing green technology. Therefore, we have partnered with others who feel the same. Together, we can ensure your home is green, highly energy efficient, and environmentally friendly.
While green building isn’t a “new” thing, home owners today feel strongly about our environment.
And finally: when you build a brand new home, it’s one of the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime. You want to protect that investment. Clearly, a green home has proven to have a better ROI than most traditionally built wood homes.



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