Why Green Building?

Today, we’d like to touch on some of the very many benefits of building green!

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Green building benefits

The benefits of building a green home are endless. First, with the changes in the building industry, there is more of a demand for building an ecological, energy efficient and green home.

Also, when you build green, you’re caring about the environment! Green building means less waste. For example: delivery of the walls of a 3000 square feet home can fit on one truck – not 6 or 7 – resulting in less waste! We also use  about 40 percent of the wood to manufacture the home. The remaining 60 percent is used to manufacture other components – once again, resulting in less waste.


The cost of building green

Some people automatically feel green building is going to cost you more: This actually is not the case. Here’s a statement from the U.S. Green Building Council:

“The net cost of owning a green home is comparable to – or even cheaper than – owning a standard home. Finding a professional familiar with green-building techniques will save you money and ensure you’re getting the best-quality work possible.”

This is exactly what we’re good at. When Timber Block was developed, our goal was to build ecological, energy efficient, green homes. We believe in utilizing green technology in an aspects of the construction of our homes.


The popularity of green home building

The interest in constructing a green home has gone up significantly in the last few years, and that number is expected to go up dramatically in 2015 and beyond. Due to the rising cost of energy, people care very much about energy efficiency. Building a highly energy efficient home is not only good for the environment, but it can save plenty of money – especially during the length of their homes.

Orford Model - Interior Craftsman Series

Orford Model – Interior
Craftsman Series

Timber Block featured on www.proudgreenhome.com

This website is a place where home owners, contractors and builders can go to find out more about utilizing green technology, how to get your home to be considered a “green home”, tips from experts, information on products and service and more. Recently www.proudgreenhomes.com featured Timber Block: Click here to read the full article.


To find out more about Timber Block, or green building in general, call us at 866-929-5647 or email infonc@timberblock.com.

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