If you have been following any of our posts – whether right here on our Timber Block blog, our website, visited us at a model home, or a home show, or paid attention to any of our social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Houzz, Google Plus, loghomeu.com, Instagram, Pinterest or YouTube), then you likely know not only is green building important to us, but it’s our top priority.

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If you’ve been involved in the housing market, or are looking to buy or build a home, you probably are somewhat familiar with building codes. Building codes are changing coast to coast all the time, and are going higher on a consistent basis. For Timber Block, we know we have to make sure your home can be up to standard when it comes to building codes. Not only do we have to be up to standard, but we strive to do even better than that. Each and every Timber Block home has R-30 (at least!) wall insulation. We can guarantee our wall insulation will always beat or exceed building codes relating to wall insulation.


More on how Timber Block practices Green Building:

Making sure your home is built as efficiently as possible is at the very top of this list for us. This is from start to finish – from our construction process, and ongoing – throughout the life of your home.

Let’s talk about log homes: Traditional vs. Timber Block Insulated Log Homes. Our homes have close to 400 percent more insulation than most traditionally built log homes.

In addition,  Timber Block uses about 40 percent to manufacture our homes; the remaining 60 percent it used in other components. How does this promote and utilize green building? That practice results in less waste!


More on our insulating process:

Our high pressure insulation foam injection process – which is patented – contains Zero ODS (Ozone Depleting Substances).

We would love to tell you more about the benefits of green building, how you can ensure your home is built efficiently, and how that translates into protecting this huge investment. We often hold webinars and seminars on green building, and the entire system building process.


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