Timber Block Engineered Homes has been a builder of green homes since its inception. We believe in building as ecological as possible, and this year, we are seeing the green building trends growing in popularity.

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What are the green building trends for 2015? It’s expected the demand for green building to continue to increase. People are becoming more and more environmentally-friendly than ever, and are much more concerned with how “green” their living standards are. For those building a new home in the near future, these home owners are now demanding they have a home that is as energy efficient and ecological as possible.


Green building isn’t something new; it’s simply something that people are now more aware of. This is a great article published just last week by the U.S. Green Building Council:

“Many of the elements of green building are not new or even unique. Before the widespread availability of inexpensive fossil fuels for energy use and transportation, builders understood the principles of passive design, capturing sunlight and wind for natural lighting, heating, and cooling. In many ways, green building represents a return to simpler, low-tech solutions. 

Green building is about finding the best combination of solutions to create built environments that seamlessly integrate the best of the old and the new in intelligent and creative ways.”

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There are so many advantages to the green building trends we are seeing in 2015. A green home has proven to have a better ROI than many traditionally built log or wood homes, as well as conventional stick-built homes.


Of course, building efficiently and utilizing green technology will in fact, save home owners money. A highly energy efficient home will decrease energy bills significantly.


In addition, the green building trends show people today want to help. They do care for our environment, and take many extra steps to do so. One of the best ways to start your journey to living efficiently, starts with the home itself!


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