Part of planning for your future new home certainly includes deciding on the type of home you want, the floor plan, and the interior design of it, but just as important is the landscaping! You may be planning your home situated near a lake, forest, or mountains – or you may be building it in a more residential area! No matter where you are building, landscaping will be part of your plans.

When coming up with your landscaping design plan, the hardest question might simply be….”Where do I start?” It’s always a good idea to flip through landscaping magazines, surf the internet, and get ideas from your neighbors, friends, or other homes you love.

There are a few questions you may want to ask yourself when trying to get a plan in place:

Do you entertain a lot? Do you want something larger, holding a number of people? Do you want something that is more cozy and compact?

Other questions you should consider include how much maintenance you are ready for. Obviously, you will have grass to mow, but when it comes to choosing perennials, shrubs, trees, plants and other flowers, there are some that are more lower maintenance, and some that will take more work!

Also, you must find out what types of trees, plants and flowers thrive in your area. Plus, it will depend on how much shade/sun your plants will have, as some plants require shade, and some love the sun! As far as trees go, a local arborist will help you answer all your questions!

You should also make a budget. Getting a quote from a local and trusted landscaper will help get you to where you want to be!

Landscaping is very important, and by spending time researching and asking questions, there’s no question you will end up with your dream result to suit your dream home!

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