You asked – we answered! There are several questions when it comes to not only building your dream home, but building a Timber Block system built home.

Here are a few of our Timber Block home building FAQs:

Timber Block Home Building FAQ #1

What type of process does Timber Block use when building homes?

Timber Block utilizes a proprietary and patented system building process – this is a different way of traditional building, or modular homes.

Traditional building allows you to customize your home, but the installation is in months. A modular home is just partly customizable, but the installation takes days. Timber Block homes are completely customizable, the walls are installed in less than a day, with the dry-in taking just a few more days.

When talking about a log home, the logs of a traditionally built home are stacked on-site, which can take quite a lot of time, therefore exposing your wood to the elements. Timber Block stacks our wood in our quality controlled factory, creating panels. The panels are delivered only when the walls are ready to go up. Your logs never, ever touch the ground, and are never exposed to the elements before installation.

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Timber Block Home Building FAQ #2:

How do Timber Block Homes compare when it comes to wall insulation?

When talking about log homes, a traditionally built log home, or a modular log home, you’re looking at about R-8 wall insulation. With a Timber Block home, you are guaranteed R-30 wall insulation. This is standard in every home built. We also now offer R-36 wall insulation.


Timber Block Home Building FAQ #3

Do Timber Block’s interior walls have R-30 wall insulation as well?

No. Although you can spec in R-30 walls inside, most of our home owners don’t do that, unless they’re trying to soundproof specific rooms. Your exterior wall insulation is most important.


Timber Block Home Building FAQ #4

Can you match the interior walls to the exterior walls?

Yes, we absolutely can. We can provide siding to match the interior walls perfectly to the exterior walls. We use premium grade wood with a lower knot content, resulting in a perfect match.

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Timber Block Home Building FAQ #5

Can my Timber Block home have mixed materials inside?

Absolutely, In fact, we see it a lot. You can install drywall, stone, or pretty much any material if you’re looking for contrast inside!


Timber Block Home Building FAQ #6

Can I add a covered deck or porch to my Timber Block home?

No problem, in fact, it’s quite easy, and we see a lot of it!

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Timber Block Home Building FAQ #7

Can I modify my home after it’s built?

You can, but it’s easier if you have a good idea of what your plans are for the future. That way, our architects can create temporary walls, or walls that can be removed later.

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Timber Block Home Building FAQ #8

Is there a specific foundation a Timber Block home is built on?

No. We can build on anything.

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