The beginning of a brand new year is always exciting, and certainly for those planning on building a brand new home – the home they’ve been thinking about forever! Today, we’re talking about new home design trends.

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Home design in 2016 will see plenty of texture. For example, many of our home owners are choosing a more rustic, or hand-peeled profile – in either part of their home, or all. Texture is in, and there’s no better way to be “in-style” than with a wood home.

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In addition, the increase in texture this year will be in the form of art, or furniture.

White is in!

One of the substantial trends for 2016 is…white. This may mean white cabinets, or an all-white bathroom, for example.


Trends in the master bath

Emphasis on a focal point is a huge home design trend we are seeing in 2016. Whether this may be a sink, a special cabinet, a piece of furniture or a tub, one major focal point will catch they eye of anyone walking into the room.



Fireplace design

As far as what “type” of fireplace we’re seeing in home design in 2016, we will continue to see both wood burning or electric. The major trend in fireplaces though, is one that stands out; it’s purpose will be a dramatic focal point in the room it’s in.


Built in fireplaces: Stand alone fireplaces will still be fine, but we will see more and more built-in fireplaces in 2016 and beyond!



Functionality is back! With today’s revolutionary way of building, we are able to design any home to not only be beautiful, but functional.


You will see plenty of bold features in several new kitchens this year! From a bright backsplash, to a few funky chairs or light fixtures, bold colors can and will create some pizzazz to any kitchen.


Living Rooms

Contrast! Contrast! Contrast! Contrasting is more “in” this year than ever! From a mix of dark/light stains to metal/wood combinations, contrasting is one of the biggest home design trends for 2016.


Natural elements and light. Bringing the outside in is huge this year. Plenty of natural light is not only warming and cheerful, but studies show, there’s nothing better than natural light for your health!


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