We love what we do. From start to finish, our jobs are made easy thanks to all of our wonderful home owners. From meeting the future home owners the first time, to finalizing their floor plan, to seeing their faces as they watch their homes go up in just a few hours, to hearing about them moving in, and speaking with them after.

The fact is, anyone who has built their own home, they will understand the feeling of pride new home owners have when they move in, and start to make their dream house their home

Each month, we are going to feature one of our home owners. This is your chance to take a look at the inside and outside (and all around!) a completed Timber Block Home.

This is Dave and Cheryl Andrew’s brand new home. Inspired by our Alexandria model from our Vintage Series, the final result was a home owner’s dream!

home owner

The exterior was very similar to what the Andrews loved from our Alexandria model. Below is the rendering of the Alexandria.

alexandria-full (640x414)

Here are the proud new home owners, living their dream!


You can see just how beautiful their front porch is. Not only does the home have beautiful curb appeal, but plenty of space.

The living room area:



We know you want to see the kitchen!


And more interior photos:




new-small-LR-10 mstr bth-35 (680x1024)


These Timber Block home owners are truly enjoying the beauty of their new dream home, but there’s more: This home is made the same way all of our homes are: utilizing our patented system building process. What does that mean? The wall of this home – like all of our homes – went up in hours. The home was dried in in days, and these new home owners were able to move in faster.

Also, our panelized home building system which is a proprietary product, ensured each log was insulated, stained by hand, stacked, and thru bolted every 2 feet. The result is incredible quality, and R-30 wall insulation. The R-30 wall insulation, along with a tight thermal envelope ensures a highly energy efficient home, forever.

To find out more about Timber Block homes, or to speak to a current Timber Block home owner, call us at 866-929-5647 or email infonc@timberblock.com.

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