Your dream home plan. How do you get there?

Today, we’re discussing the steps needed to make sure you end up with your dream home plan. Believe it or not – it’s much easier than you think!

Craftsman Floor Plans

Timber Block has several home plans online as well as in hard copy to give you a head start on what you may want in your future home. In fact, we have dozens of home plans in 4 different series – Classic, Contemporary, Vintage and Craftsman – to suit any need, taste, and style.

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Searching through floor plans, whether online, in a magazine, or in our beautiful home plan book, is a great way to start. In addition, all of our home plans include a rendering of the home, which allows you to get a good look at what your home will look like – both inside and out.

engineered home plans

Once you are ready to go ahead and get your home plans started, you will sit down with our design team and start the process.

This is where one of Timber Block’s greatest advantages comes into play: You don’t have to “stick to the plan”. What does this mean? Thanks to Timber Block’s ability to modify any plan, you can make the changes you want to ensure your home plan turns into your dream home come true! Plus, our team of experts can take another plan – or a plan you’ve come up with yourself, and build from there. Or, let’s say you really don’t have an idea of what your dream home plan looks like, but you know what you want (4 bedrooms, garage, pantry, main floor laundry, etc.,) our designers have the ability to draw up a full custom home plan. We want to make sure you end up with the home you’ve always dreamed of!

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Wondering what others think of Timber Block home plans? Here’s a testimonial from one of our home owners:

“Nice selection of floor plans and insight into the energy efficiency of this system. Was looking at a log home, but quickly realized this was a better option than traditional full log. A good overall read with a healthily selections of well designed floor plans. Surprisingly a nice selection of Dwell style modern homes. A nice easy read for those on a house quest.”

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To find out how you can get started, or if you have any questions at all – we’d love to hear from you. Call us at 866-929-5647 or email


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