If you’ve been following Timber Block, the Revolutionary R-30 Insulated Log Home, you’ve likely noticed us say, “Our homes are up in hours”.

So, what does this mean? And are Timber Block’s Insulated Log Homes really up in hours?

The answer is YES. You will literally watch all walls of your home go up in one day!

Here’s a rundown of what happens the day of your wall raising:

You will need to have your crane set up and waiting for the delivery of the panelized walls. The truck (carrying the Timber Block delivery) will be on-site before 7 that morning…

Your builder should be all set up and ready to go. Our technician will arrive and verify the foundation…and make sure the floor system or slab is square and ready to start setting up the walls!

You must make sure the floor is free of all debris and all scaffolding is set on the floor. Then, it’s go-time!

The walls will be unloaded, and the raising begins! Typically, the walls will be set in about 4-5 hours, depending on the number of walls, the size of the crew and crane operator’s ability. Once all the walls are set and braced off, the installation of the support posts begins. The ridge beam follows, and everything is fastened together. The top plates on all the walls are installed, and the crew will get ready for the trusses. Once the ridge beam is set and all the top plating is complete, the installing of the roof trusses begins.

The next day will be spent finishing up the roof trusses and buttoning up the bracing.

The following video is a time lapse of a wall raising of a Timber Block home

Thanks to Timber Block USA Construction Manager Glenn McDonald for wall raising tips!

Have more questions? Please contact us anytime….info@timberblock.com, or call us at 866-929-5647.

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