Insulated Log Homes by Timber Block CAN be built anywhere! And when we say anywhere, we mean it!

Due to our efficient flat stacking method, Timber Block insulated log homes can be shipped, and HAVE been shipped, all over the world.

The process is easy. We take each and every log, and we sand, insulated and stain each log.

Then the logs are stacked (genuine stacked construction), glued under 6000 pounds of pressure, and thru bolted every 24 inches, into a panelized wall!

The areas for the windows are cut out, and prepped (for easy installation on site), and the walls are then flat stacked onto a truck, and off it goes…

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About Timber Block

More than 30 years of construction history, tradition and integrity is engrained in the team at Timber Block. Timber Block’s parent company was established in Quebec as a family business in 1977. Success thrived on customer satisfaction, and today, customer satisfaction is still our number one goal.

Timber Block’s team of professionals offers a product unmatched in residential or commercial construction, which provides clients with state of the art environmentally responsible technology combined with cost-effective building methods. Delivering stock or custom products, the team at Timber Block works with you in partnership, maximizing your dream, vision and investment, to realize your home.

Initially entering the log home market, Timber Block now produces more than 40% of the log homes in its core market due to both the quality and value of every log home produced. Ease of construction, which greatly reduces the time required to build each home and the energy efficiency through a superior thermal envelope, which is ‘off the chart’ when compared to traditional homes and especially traditional log homes, delivers exceptional long term value.

Today, Timber Block’s technology is being applied to commercial applications, as well as contemporary residential projects, which are both realizing all its innovative and unique array of benefits.