In the log home industry these days, you are hearing more and more about the R Value of wall insulation in log homes. With the ever increasing cost of energy, home buyers are taking R Values into consideration when planning and purchasing their new home.

To calculate the R-Value of a log home is quite simple.

On average, the calculation will be around 1.25 inch of wood per “R”. (depending on the wood, it may vary slightly) For example, with pine, you will get 1.35 inch per “R”. So, if you take a 6 inch log, and multiply that by 1.35, your end result with be R-8. (square log)

With Timber Block, we are able to achieve R-30 because the inside of our log is insulated (high density polyurethane) This is why we are certainly gaining plenty of awareness and gathering a lot of attention in the log home world because many people who love the look of a log home, they are concerned with how energy efficient their home will be. A Timber Block home is the best of both worlds – it is a beautiful log home, but highly energy efficient!

Basically, if building a “traditional” log home using an 8 inch log, you will not get much more than R10-R11 (average – again, depending on the type of wood). In this day and age, home buyers are caring more and more about the energy efficiency of their home. The reason is simple! The more energy efficient your home is, the more money you save – and those savings can add up to big dollars.

We have several Timber Block home owners who are always telling us how much money they’ve saved on their energy bills, thanks to how well their homes are insulated. In fact, one of our homes was featured in Energy Efficient Homes Magazine (2011). The article featured a home built in Northern Quebec, Canada. In the middle of winter (where it is COLD in the dead of winter – in fact, -30 or colder is not unusual!), the homeowner says his energy bills are around 70 dollars a month. Calculate that by the number of months and years you plan on living in your home, and the savings add up to….thousands!


Stay tuned, tomorrow’s blog post topic? What type of maintenance is involved when you purchase a Timber Block Insulated Log Home (and you will love the answer……!)