Building your own home will likely be one of the biggest projects you will have in your personal life – and also the most rewarding! And you probably have a good idea what features you will absolutely require in your new home, whether it’s main floor laundry, a mud room, a giant master bath, fireplace, patio, deck, etc. You likely also already know the square footage you want/require, which way you want the house to face, and more. You may also be at the point of knowing what style of home you want (ranch, classic, contemporary, vintage). Looking ahead, have you thought about the interior design of your home?

Here are some photos of Timber Block homes. As you will see, there are many people whose dream has always been to have a Classic log home. However, we’ve never seen 2 homes designed the same! Obviously, everyone has different furniture, accessories, fixtures, etc, but even their cabinetry will be different than what you may normally see. Take a look at these kitchens!

As you can see, these are all Timber Block Insulated Log Homes, but all designed very differently!

The following series of photos are from Timber Block bedrooms:

Fireplaces are also something almost everyone adds into their future home plans. Here are some ideas on some gorgeous fireplaces we have seen:

Timber Block customers have really loved searching through photos of other home owners to get ideas. We provide plenty of photos on our website, as well as post photos daily on our Facebook page. Pinterest is a good place to go. Flipping through home magazines will help too. We also have model homes which will showcase different types of interior design as well. Plus, many of our customers are pleased to show pictures of their finished homes!

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